The Only Onesies Sizing Guide You’ll Ever Need

Consider what time of year you are planning to wear a onesie. In the cold season, it is better to choose kigurumi for winter which are made of dense materials, in the warm season from thinner ones. Most often you will come across costumes made of fleece. These are facts about Kigurumis you should know.


The fabric is very pleasant to the body, and should you wear your onesies outside or not is something to consider. Excellent for allergies, good breathable and repels water. Fleece products keep their shape well. Initially, kigurumi was sewn only from this fabric. However, all the positive aspects of fleece affect the price of the finished product, which is considered a bit overpriced.

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This is basically cheaper fabric. It is light and pleasant to the touch, but its quality still does not reach the fleece. Velosoft onesies do not crumble and are worn well. Nevertheless, the products do not keep their shape very well, because the material is too thin.

How to choose the size of kigurumi

Since the kigurumi is sewn in a free cut, it is not necessary to know all its parameters. Regardless of who you buy pajamas, a child or an adult, the main criterion for choosing is convenience and comfort.

What measures should I take?

Before you take your measurements, decide for what purposes you need Kigurumi. Most often, a onesie is worn for:

  • Sleep
  • Home and recreation
  • Photo-shoot
  • Trips out of town or to the country
  • Active sports activities
  • Parties or parties
  • Walking around the city.

If you have a standard shape without features, to select the appropriate kigurumi you only need to know your height. The rest of the pajamas will onesies you, as it is sewn in a free cut. If you are worried that the costume will not fit due to the flaws of the figure, ask the manufacturer for additional sizes kigurumi and compare them with their volumes.

Adult table

The kigurumi adult size line begins with a height of 140 cm if your height is:

  • From 140 to 158 cm – choose size S
  • From 159 to 170 cm – give preference to size M
  • From 168 to 178 cm – fit size L
  • From 175 to 190 cm – buy kigurumi in size XL.

Just measure your height and go shopping for fun pajamas.

What if I have a borderline size?

Depending on what you are going to do in onesies, the volume of kigurumi is taken into account. If you plan to do sports in onesies or walk outside, take into account that under the bottom you will wear some more clothes. To keep things in check, take looser pajamas. If you want to use kigurumi only for home and sleep, consider the size depending on their activity at home.

Choosing the size of kigurumi depending on the features of the figure

So that pajamas are not too tight and comfortable, it is recommended for people with an overweight to choose larger kigurumi. Check with the manufacturer or seller of the parameters of the waist or other seams of onesies and compare them with your measurements.

An example of choosing the size of pajamas

To choose the right pajamas, use the specified information and parameters of your height. For example, you need to find a kigurumi for a girl 155 cm tall. If you plan to wear pajamas only at home for sleeping and relaxing on your naked body, you can safely take size S. The size of M. Onesies will not hamper her movements, even if she is worn over other clothes.

If a child needs onesies, take the kigurumi according to his height or slightly larger. Do not forget that children grow quickly. For example, if a child is 105 cm tall, it is better to choose a size 2, calculated on the height from 105 to 115 cm. To a tall man, choose the largest costume by first requesting other parameters from the seller.

How to choose a quality kigurumi

On the Internet, many shops are offering the original Kigurumi. The seller selling the originals is not so much. If you want quality and unique thing, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The originals are sewn only from dense fleece. Onesies from cheap fleece were created to reduce the cost of goods, so they are no longer considered as original models.
  • A lining will always be seen on the hood of the product.
  • The colors of the material will be bright and saturated.
  • Additional decorations like tails, noses, and ears will be tightly packed.

Please note that high-quality fleece onesies are expensive. If you offer to buy the original Kigurumi for a penny, most likely it is a fake.

Proper care of Kigurumi

To give Kigurumi joy and comfort as long as possible, follow the rules for caring for the product:

  • Wash the item with non-aggressive detergents
  • Do not use bleach
  • Set the washing temperature not higher than 30 degrees
  • If you wash it with hands, do not unscrew the thing, but hang it on the crossbar and let the water drain
  • Do not use spin mode
  • Dry in the straightened form, avoiding sources of heat

Iron onesies only at the minimum temperature from the seamy side. If you follow these recommendations, onesie will serve you for a long time and will look like new.

How to go to the toilet in Kigurumi

A common problem with Kigurumi socks is to use the toilet. If you wear onesies only at home, problems should arise. But for use on the street, some manufacturers equip onesies with an additional secret zipper on the seam of the seat. If you plan to wear Kigurumi in public places, take care of the presence of such a fastener.

Kigurumi do it yourself

You can not only buy fun onesies, but also sew it yourself. This will require:

  • Plain fabric
  • Additional material for design
  • Zipper or buttons
  • Tracing paper (you can use unnecessary newspapers)
  • Scissors
  • A piece of chalk
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Invisible
  • Needle
  • Thread to tone fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Ironing facilities.

Taking measurements

Before starting to sew kigurumi, take measurements. If you sew a costume for yourself, ask someone from the household for help. You will need to measure:

  • Chest circumference. Circle a centimeter at the highest points of the chest and back parallel to the floor.
  • Waist circumference. Measure the thinnest places in the abdomen area.
  • Hip girth. Circle the centimeter on the protruding points of the hips parallel to the floor.
  • The girth of the neck. It is measured around the neck along the jugular cavity.
  • Girth arms in the widest part.
  • Girth legs in several places.

These measurements need to be recorded, previously divided in half.

Entirely need to measure:

  • The length of the product. From the base of the neck to the required length.
  • Sleeve Length from the wrist shoulder.
  • Front width measure from one armhole to another, passing through the highest points of the chest.
  • Seat height Sit on a chair and measure the distance from the waist to the seat.
  • Head height for the hood.
  • The line of the knee. It is measured from the edge of the leg to the knee.

Record all measurements and prepare for cutting the product.