Popular and Trendy Stuff You Could Buy for Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with buying yourself something you don’t need. In fact, it’s a great way to congratulate yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing during a certain time period.

Popular and trendy stuff, although you might not need it, will certainly bring joy to your life — at least for a while. Here, we’ll go over seven popular and trendy products you could buy for yourself.

1. PlayStation 5

When talking about trendy products, the PlayStation 5 is amongst the top things to check out. The relatively new gaming console offers a 4K HDR gaming experience, and the best titles are yet to come out for this platform.


Even before the release of the PlayStation 5, there was unbelievable hype about it. Some gameplay teasers showed improved gameplay and visuals compared to the largely successful PlayStation 4. Sony even went a step further, improving the joypads as well, making them significantly better than on the previous generation of the PlayStation console.


Even though the PlayStation 5 console was released almost a year ago, it’s still a pretty big challenge to get hold of one. There are two versions of the console — the regular, which includes a BluRay drive and costs $499.99, and a digital version at $399.99. No matter which one you pick, one thing is certain — you’ll spend hundreds of hours enjoying some of the most amazing exclusive video games at the highest video quality!

2. Xbox Series X and Series S

Just like the PlayStation 5, the new Xbox gaming consoles stirred a lot of attention before they were released. Many improvements were presented compared to the previous version of the console. An improved GPU and CPU allow the players to enjoy better graphics quality and faster loading speeds.


Whether you choose the series X or series S, you’ll have a lot of exclusive games to enjoy. The Series X is a better choice if you’re looking for a gaming console that will be able to provide you with 4K resolution and better FPS. 


The Xbox Series X costs $499, but if you decide to go with the slightly weaker  Series S, it will end up being $299.


The biggest problem about the Xbox currently is that they’re out of stock most of the time. You’ll be able to find them, though, but at a higher price point.

3. Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven

The Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry oven is a very useful thing. Preparing delicious food for you and your family members has become popular, especially during the lockdowns. Social media, especially TikTok challenges, have helped cooking become popular again. And because of all the features the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry oven offers, it’s no wonder why so many people have placed orders for it.


The great thing about this trendy product is that it can cook, fry, and even toast. There are many healthy meals you can prepare with it, which makes it one of the things to consider buying.


The price for the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven varies, but you can expect a price tag of around $160–$200, depending on where you’re buying it from. 

4. Apple Watch 6

Smartwatches have become the trendiest product since they were released. Nowadays, there are many smartwatch manufacturers, yet only a few go above and beyond to offer the most features to the people who wear them. 


The Apple Watch 6 is considered the best smartwatch at the moment of writing this article, and for a few good reasons. The first thing anyone will notice is just how sexy it looks. It has an always-on display and various sensors that work perfectly with other Apple products. This means it’s a great product to have if you enjoy working out and you want to know how much calories you’ve burnt, what distance you covered during your run or bike ride, and it even has a blood oxygen sensor, which is pretty useful, especially for those who got infected by the coronavirus.


The price for the Apple Watch 6 is around $399, although it can be found with a discounted price of $349 from time to time.

5. LG CX Series OLED TV

Getting yourself a new TV if your old one is still working well falls into the category of “want instead of need.” If you’re looking for a TV that will last you years to come and provide you with the greatest viewing pleasure, the LG CX Series OLED TV is the choice for you. Although it comes with a pretty mind-blowing price tag, it will exceed all expectations.


The 65” version of the LG CX Series costs around $2000, but if you can afford it, you should definitely buy it, especially if you enjoy watching movies and sports in high video quality. The OLED screen on the LG CX series provides a much better viewing experience than any other LED screen that most manufacturers use. 


With a screen with the darkest black and most vivid colors, gaming on this type of TV is absolutely breathtaking.

6. Cool Mist Humidifier

Getting a cool mist humidifier can be classified as both a want and a need. It’s a super useful product that offers many health benefits for those using it. Using air conditioners for both cooling and heating is a normal thing, but almost all AC systems dry out the air, making our skin dry and itchy and causing various health-related issues such as coughing and congestion.


With a cool mist humidifier making the air moist, coughing and congestion will quickly become a thing of the past — if dry air is the reason for these issues, of course. Even if you decide to leave your cool mist humidifier working during the entire night, you’ll experience better sleep quality in just a few days.


Cool mist humidifiers vary in cost. But, the more you pay, the better product you’ll get. You can find cool mist humidifiers for as low as $20, although their price can go up to more than $150.

7. Oculus Quest 2

VR is quickly becoming one of the most popular things out there even though it’s still in the earliest stages. Getting yourself a VR headset will open a whole other world of possibilities, from gaming to exploring the most exotic places on earth and beyond.


The Oculus Quest 2 isn’t the first VR headset coming from Facebook. It’s the second model, as the name suggests, and it’s significantly improved. It’s lighter than its predecessor and offers higher image quality. The capacity is also improved. The new Oculus Quest 2 comes with 64GB or 256GB of memory, depending on how much you’re ready to pay. 


The base product costs $299, while the headset with more memory costs $399. The memory is the only difference between the cheaper and more expensive models.


Various optional extras are available for this headset, and new games and experiences are yet to be released, so it’s a good time to get yourself one of these headsets.