How It Works

Borrow and lend dresses with women just like you.


List It:

List your dress including a description, size, borrow or sales price, retail price, and pictures.

Ship It:

Print your shipping label, box the dress up, and ship it to arrive by the desired date. If you're selling the dress - then you're done!

Clean It:
If lending the dress, when you get it back from the borrower, take it to the dry cleaners to get it cleaned and back in borrowing condition. 

Repeat It:
Re-list your dry cleaned dress and create listings for all the dresses in your closet. 



Find It:

Browse the closets of women, fashion designers & boutiques to find just the right dress you're looking for.

Wear It: 

Turn heads at your special event and be sure to take pictures!

Return It:

If borrowing the dress, use the included return label and ship the dress back to the owner within 2 weeks of receiving it. No need to clean it.

Review It: 

Review your experience and be sure to include pictures and detailed descriptions.

Want to Know More? Check out our FAQ's.

1. What is BBD? Borrowed by Design “BBD” is an online community for women to list, borrow (rent) and sell their formal wear dresses. If you’re looking for a place to make recurring revenue off the clothes in your closset, or you only want a dress for one event and don’t feel like paying full price, this is the place for you.

2. Is it free to list dresses? The listing of dresses is free, but once the dress is rented out, we take a 15% commission. This is much lower than other companies that require 20%. We charge this amount for covering costs such as secure payments, email communications, hosting the website and our employees that monitor the community.

3. Who takes care of dry cleaning? The dresses are dry cleaned and prepped by the dress owners. This is part of their agreement to list dresses for borrowing on our site. If the dress arrives unclean, or not how you expected it, please submit a claim here

4. How do I know what size I am? Every dress maker and designer have different size guidelines. We ask the dress owners to submit a measurement of the dress bust, waist and hips. When borrowing (renting) a dress from the site, measure yourself to make sure the dress will fit as described.

5. What happens if the dress is damaged? When borrowing the dress, you need to treat it just like you would something of your own. If the dress is damaged while in your care, please notify us immediately. If it is something that can be fixed with dry cleaning, then you will not be responsible for the damages. If, however, dry cleaning cannot take care of it, then you will be responsible for paying the entire replacement cost of the dress listed on the dress’s description page. This policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions, that is agreed upon in order to borrow a dress from the site with a negative review on your profile.

If you are the owner of the dress and receive your dress damaged from the previous borrower, please contact us immediately and we will begin the remediation process. You must submit a claim with us, showing picture proof that dry cleaning did not fix the issue. If you send the dress damaged to the borrower and they submit a claim to us, we will have to return the dress to you and take the listing off of the site.

6. What if the dress doesn’t fit? We do everything possible to make sure the dress is listed with accurate sizing information. If, however, the dress does not fit when it arrives, you have 24 hours to notify us and send it back to the owner. You will be refunded the borrow amount, minus the shipping costs.

7. What if I don’t have PayPal? In order to ensure secure payments, we rely on PayPal for all transactions. We will not accept checks, money order or cash. You can use most credit cards, checking and saving through PayPal and we highly encourage you to setup a free acount here. This is to protect our borrowers and lenders, in addition to ourselves, so that no payment information is ever collected through our site.

8. How long is the dress borrowed? You have two weeks to enjoy your borrowed dress! We will send communications throughout the process to the owner and borrower. It is important to refer back to email notifications for shipping deadlines and return dates! If you are not receiving those update emails, please contact us asap.

9. What if the dress is never returned? The borrower of the dress has two weeks from the time the dress arrives at her doorstep to get the dress back in the mail to you. You will receive notification emails along the way with tracking information in it. If you do not receive your return notification email more than 24 hours after the deadline, please contact us immediately. We will work with the borrower to get your dress back to you. However, and we hate to think this will happen, if the dress is never returned, we will pursue the claim with PayPal to get the full replacement cost of the dress covered. The amount you listed as replacement value when listing the dress will be the amount you receive, just as though the dress had been damaged beyond repair.

10. How do I determine the rental price? This is completely up to you and the revenue you would like to generate. We do have suggestions though on what gets a borrower motivated. If you purchased the dress for $200, then taking 50% off that price would be a great place to start. You would make $100 – 15% BBD Fee – S&H (about $8) = around $77 per borrow (rental). Remember, as long as the dress is in good quality you can list it through our site as many times as you’d like to. If you rented that dress 10 times, you would make around $777.00!!

Still have questions? Contact us directly. If you’re ready to list a dress, click the button below. Happy borrowing!


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