What is Borrowed by Design?

We're creating a massive shared closet, one dress at a time.
Borrow and lend dresses with women just like you.

How it works:


List It:

List your dress including a description, size, borrow/sales price, retail price, and pictures.

Ship It:

Print your shipping label, box the dress up, and ship it to arrive by the desired date. If you're selling the dress - then you're done!

Clean It:
If lending the dress, when you get it back from the borrower, take it to the dry cleaners to get it cleaned and back in borrowing condition. 

Repeat It:
Re-list your dry cleaned dress and create listings for all the dresses in your closet. 



Find It:

Browse the closets of women, fashion designers & boutiques to find just the right dress you're looking for.

Wear It: 

Turn heads at your special event and be sure to take pictures!

Return It:

If borrowing the dress, use the included return label and ship the dress back to the owner within 2 weeks of receiving it. No need to clean it.

Review It: 

Review your experience and be sure to include pictures and detailed descriptions.