BBD partnerships drive our platform by connecting retail businesses and fashion designers with gorgeous dresses to our community of buyers and borrowers.


Online store for fashion designers, boutiques and partners
Dedicated page for your storefront, with beautiful design standards, search friendly pages and easy product listing.

Expand your fashion line or boutique to the world | Global marketplace for fashionExposure to a world-wide community of women shopping for their formal occasion. You can choose to leverage a rental platform or continue with sales as a traditional route.

Grow your fashion sales with little to no risk | Borrowed by Design Fashion Marketplace
We help your business grow by marketing your products to our customers through feature closet spot lights, social media call outs, email blasts and advertising.


  • You have complete control over the pricing of your inventory, images used and storefront design elements (profile image and banner).
  • Easily list dresses to your closet by providing images, sizing options, your own return policy (if selling only) and other information for your closet.
  • We work with you to create special marketing campaigns around your closet. Get ready for us to call out your closet in email blasts, social media and even invites to participate at local pop-up shops.
  • We add our 15% commission on top of your sales price, and only charge when a transaction takes place. It's free to be a BBD Partner and list inventory.


Borrowed by Design is a fantastic opportunity for fashion designers and boutiques looking to expand their market reach with no risk involved. Wether you need an online presence, or a working shopping cart, running your closet through us is extremely easy.


To get started as a BBD Partner, you can create a new account online or contact us with specific questions below.