How To Buy An Authentic Nesting Doll Like A Pro

Everything is very simple! At that time, the most popular name among women was Matrona. The first who painted the nesting dolls was Sergey Malyutin, who is a famous Russian artist of that time. The style of this doll matched the fashion of that time. The doll was chubby, with beautiful clear eyes, and rosy cheeks. The doll was painted in a folk sundress, as well as with a scarf over her head. Those smaller figures, which were located inside the main doll, also had a Russian style, but they could have been dressed differently. They could be dressed in shirts, aprons, coasters, and other costumes. There is no doubt that nesting dolls are popular in Russia. It’s like an enormous village of nesting dolls.

The value of nesting dolls lies in the fact that it is not so easy to make

For example, initially the manufacture of this souvenir was in strict secrecy. And not everyone knew this secret. Only recently, its production has ceased to be a secret. Of course, you need skill and experience. For the manufacture of dolls used a certain type of wood.

  • Usually used soft wood, such as linden, birch or alder.
  • For the manufacture it is necessary to choose wood of high grade and quality.
  • In order for the tree to not crack during drying, it is stored in a special way.

Logs are stored for drying, however, without removing the bark. Before the material is used to make dolls, it must dry well for at least 2 years. After a complex drying process, wood is processed and used to make this doll. First, the smallest nested doll is made. Sometimes, in order to get a good look at this nested doll, it is necessary to take a magnifying glass, as it can be quite tiny.

Then a second doll is made, which is larger than the first one, and so on. First of all, the lower part of the doll is made so that it is convenient to insert the inside into it. Although a large part of the process of making nesting dolls is done with the help of equipment, and using templates, it is still partly manual work, as some stages of production cannot be done with the help of mechanized tools

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The number of dolls that can enter the doll can be from two to sixty dolls

When all the dolls are made, it is covered with a special varnish, which is also called starch glue. It is necessary that the surface of the dolls was smooth. After that, a drawing is made on a smooth surface, which the artist makes by hand.

With the appearance of many workshops for the manufacture of dolls, began to appear new styles of production and painting of this souvenir. Today, some copies of this souvenir reach a cost of up to 3000 thousand dollars. Some exhibits are in museums, and have historical value. For example, on the 100th anniversary of the Patriotic War, large nesting dolls were made, with the image of Kutuzov and Napoleon, as well as Russian and French soldiers.

There is no doubt that the Authentic nesting dolls for a long time will be a popular souvenir that will remind you of the national culture of Russian.

How to play with a Russian doll

Russian Authentic nesting dolls has long been a fashionable souvenir. Painted beautifully and expensive nesting dolls happen to be sold to foreigners as a type of Russian symbol, as a distinctive Russian souvenir. But the doll is not only a decoration or a souvenir; first of all, nesting dolls are toys safe for children. And it is a very useful toy. Many children in Russia have their own nesting dolls for playing games. Although nesting dolls are different from action figures, there are dolls with faces of characters. Its pedagogical value can be envied by any modern allowance. This wonderful folk toy had a deserved recognition among Russian teachers and was regarded as a classic didactic material, as a genuine folk gift to young children. With the help of the doll, you can teach children to distinguish different qualities, sizes, compare objects in height, width, color and volume. All this, of course, contributes to the coordination of hands and eyes, develops the perception and thinking of young children. But, so that the nested doll has a developing effect, not enough to buy it and give it to the child. It is necessary to discover her wonderful properties and teach the baby to play with her.

What We are Telling

In this article we want to offer you possible options for the game with a doll, which you can play with your baby. To do this, you will need a multi-item nesting doll, including 10-12 items. If you do not have such nesting dolls, you can use two sets of ordinary five-sweater nesting dolls. Sticks, circles or cubes of different sizes will also be useful. Very important is the moment of the first acquaintance with the doll, the discovery of its main secret. This moment you must make joyful and surprising. For example, so.

  • Sitting at the table with the child, you solemnly take out a big Authentic nesting dolls and admire her beauty: “Look, what beauty has come to us! Her name is Marsha. What a handkerchief she has, what cheeks! After admiring it, you take the toy in your hands and surprisingly say: “Something is heavy and rattling. Maybe there is something inside? Let’s see!” Opening the nested doll, you together with the baby as a spell say the words: “Nested doll authentic nesting dolls, open a little bit!” The process of opening the doll can be slightly stretched to increase the expectation and curiosity of the child.
  • Opening a large Authentic nesting dolls and finding another in it, you naturally wonder and look at it with the child, just like the first one. Putting two dolls side by side have your baby compare them. Ask which one is higher and which one are lower, which handkerchief is small, and the color of the apron is large. Explain that both nesting dolls are the same in shape, but different in size. After that, ask to find out if someone else hid in the new Authentic nesting dolls. Under the same words Let the next, third authentic nesting dolls appear. Put it close and compare with the previous ones. So continue until all the dolls come out.

Having arranged them in a row in height, pay attention to the child that each doll is dressed in its own way and that each next less than the previous one is by a whole head. After such an acquaintance, the kindergarten game begins

Explain to the baby that the dolls, like children, go to kindergarten, but only the big ones go to the older group, and the little ones go to the younger group. Separate the place on the table (with a line or a stick) for the older and younger groups and invite the child to take each of the Authentic nesting dolls to the appropriate group, and to which one let him decide himself. If the baby mixes up, put two dolls side by side and ask which one is more. When all the nesting dolls fall into the respective groups, summarize, that is, emphasize that the high nesting dolls are in the older group, and the smaller growth is in the younger group. They are still small. That will grow up and the same will go to the older.

“And now we will send our nesting dolls for a walk,” you suggest. “Let the older ones take their girlfriends from the younger group.” Ask the child to first build on the height of older nesting dolls, and then for each older nesting doll to find the appropriate pair in the younger group. Suggest the baby to take the biggest Authentic nesting dolls, go with her to the younger group and find her a suitable pair – the biggest among the little ones. When he chooses a suitable pair for a large one, ask to take both nesting dolls to the other side of the table, where you will have a playground. The first pair has already gone for a walk, and you need to pick the next one, that is, choose the second largest nested doll in the older and younger groups. When all 5 or 6 pairs are ready, the nesting dolls begin to walk on the table: jump, sing, etc.