Will my recipients receive a catalog with the gift that I send?

No. They will only receive product handling information. No pricing or sales slip is included with your gift sent to another address.

When will my catalog arrive, if I request it today?

All catalogs are sent via First Class Mail. Your catalog should arrive within 7 days, if not sooner.

Can I send a gift to Canada?

For shipments to Canada, please add $10.00 per item to the Standard Shipping & Processing shown. All our products can be delivered to Canada except those containing meat.

How does my Gift List work?

Your Gift List gives you a quick, easy view of gifts you’ve sent over the last 3 years. It’s designed to help guide your next gift choice. Whether you order online or by phone, your Gift List is automatically created when you purchase a gift for someone.

The gift you purchased for a specific holiday will show up on your Gift List a year later, prior to the same holiday. For example, if you send a St. Patrick’s Day gift this year, it will be on your Gift List next year, during the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. By the time our catalog reaches your home, your Gift List for that holiday season will be viewable online. Log in to your account to see your current Gift List.

Viewing your Order History is another way to see past purchases. Log in to your account to view this list. Purchases appear in your order history 24 hours after the transaction.

Since you can place an order online as a guest or through your account, it’s possible for a customer to have two separate Gift Lists. We recommend that you sign in to your customer account before placing an order to keep your entire list in one place. If you see an incomplete Gift List or Order History, you likely have multiple accounts under which you’ve ordered.

How are shipping and processing charges calculated?

Shipping & processing charges are based on regular price of merchandise. Standard shipping & processing charges are intended to compensate our company for cost incurred to process, prepare, and transport your order and to cover related customer service. All additional services, i.e. Express shipping, Alaska or Hawaii, Canada, and P.O. Box shipping, are calculated on a PER ITEM BASIS. Please Note: Shipping and Processing charges are based on the regular price of merchandise.

Standard Shipping & Processing charges are intended to cover the costs incurred to process, prepare, and transport your order and related customer service. Standard rates are based on the merchandise total charged.

Will my order come all in one box?

Your order might be packed in separate boxes to preserve product integrity. Our boxes are designed to accommodate a certain number of items without shifting or crushing the items you’ve chosen. Occasionally, items ordered together may not be shipped together, as we want your products to arrive in perfect condition.