What's Your Summer Style?

Tonight you’re going out for a night on the town with the girls. What is your go to outfit?

  1. Pink halter top dress with an a-line waist
  2. Matching patterned two piece top and skirt
  3. Boyfriend jeans and low cut top with studded pumps
  4. T-shirt dress with Converse sneakers

Everyone’s headed to the pool for a day of fun. What does your cover up look like?

  1. Bright peach chiffon kimono
  2. Oversized pineapple themed tunic
  3. Black crochet lace mini dress
  4. Oversized fishing shirt with matching monogram

It’s casual Friday in the office. What are you most likely to be wearing?

  1. Dark tailored jeans, cream tank and a turquoise fashion blazer
  2. High waisted light washed jeans with white and navy striped boyfriend-cut button up
  3. Modest sundress with cute paid of gladiator sandals
  4. Solid color cotton maxi dress

Hitting up the mall for a little bit of shopping. What will you be spotted in?

  1. Light pink a-line skirt with tucked in short sleeve cream tee
  2. White jean shorts, light blue button up and comfortable sneakers
  3. Jean capris and a chiffon tank
  4. Leggings and a solid color Piko top

One of your friends is getting married this weekend. What will you be wearing for this summer wedding?

  1. Light pink knee length dress with one shoulder lace overlay
  2. Mint green high low dress with high neck line
  3. Strapless lavender dress with black lace overlay on skirt
  4. Strapless lilac cocktail dress with bow on waist

Time to get a little exercise in. What are you sporting today?

  1. Matching Lululemon sports bra and capri workout set
  2. Black dry fit tank with matching black shorts
  3. White tank with built in sports bra and plain black capris
  4. Old t-shirt and running shorts

If you answered mostly 1s, you most likely have a preppy in pink kind of style. You like bright colors that make a statement and don’t mind spending a few hours to complete your look.

If you answered mostly 2s, you have a very chic style. You like going with mostly solids that are easy and interchangeable yet stylish and trendy.

If you answered mostly 3s, your style is considered causal and laid back. Comfort, ease and a good deal are your favorite accessories.

If you answered mostly 4s, you are lucky if you leave the house in anything other than a t-shirt. But hey, that’s your style and you rock it!

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