Beach Travel Essentials

Beach Travel Essentials

Here at BBD we love the beach and we're sure you do to. There's nothing like a trip to the beach to whisk you away from all of the troubles you had before. For some of you beach trips are almost religious, it is expected for your feet to hit that soft sand at some point throughout the summer. Here at BBD we couldn't agree more with you a trip to the beach is a necessity. Whether you're going on a family trip, friends trip, school trip, or couples trip we have compiled a list of travel essentials that you will need.

White Maxi 

White dresses basically embody travel goals. If you don't have a white maxi make sure you go out and by one immediately! They’re elegant and whimsical, and oh-so perfect for picture taking. Plus they're perfect for using as an alternative to a cover up when you're done frolicking in the water and are ready to settle down. The maxi listed below you can purchase on our site, it is one of our newer additions.

White Summer Beach Dress with Peekaboo Lace Detail

White Summer Maxi Dress

White Bikini

A white bikini is an iconic statement piece for beach travel. White bikini's like white maxi's are perfect for making anyone look elegant and whimsical. They also make your tan skin pop on the beach.

LA Hearts Ribbed Lace-Up Fixed Triangle Bikini Top


LA Hearts Ribbed Lace-Up Fixed Triangle Bikini Top

LA Hearts Eyelet Lace-Up Brief Bikini Bottoms 


LA Hearts Eyelet Lace-Up Brief Bikini Bottom


Sandals are a must for the beach, they're an easy accessory to stuff in your bag and to help you navigate along the beach.

Printed Flip-Flops for Women


Printed Flip-Flops for Women- Old Navy

Double-Strap Sandals for Women


Double-Strap Sandals for Women


Your trip would not be complete without a cute tote to carry all of your things in, sun screen, water, shoes, towel. A cute beach tote can be a statement making accessory. You can bring as much as you want to the beach and still look stylish.

South Beach Rose Gold Vacay Beach Bag
South Beach Rose Gold Vacay Beach Bag


Beach Towel Seasonal Black/White (32"x62")


Beach Towel Seasonal Black/White (32"x62")

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