Top 5 Places to Find the Perfect Formal Dress

Stumped about that summer wedding you need to attend? Been through your closet a few times and still feel like you have nothing to wear? We’ve got you! Check out the top 5 places to find the perfect dress for that wedding or event you’ve been stressing about:


BCBG Maxazria - $69

Be the best-dressed girl there after the bride! BCBG has every dress from wedding to cocktail. With an online catalog you’re sure to get lost in, BCBG is the perfect place to find something cute, affordable, and trendy.

4. David’s Bridal

David's Bridal - $69

There is no formal event David’s Bridal can’t handle. With thousands of options and a website with 35 pages of sales (yes, you read that right--35!), David’s Bridal will have you looking flawless whether it’s a wedding, prom, black tie event, or formal dinner.

3. After Six

After Six - $46

After Six will not only cover you, but keep your date looking debonair. They’ve got tux, suit, and tie options that will make you and your date the It Couple wherever you go, plus decades of experience and history in creating elegance.

2. Bill Levkoff

Bill Levkoff - $46

A BBD favorite, Bill Levkoff keeps it classic and elegant. If you’re looking for that air of sophistication without breaking the bank, check out Bill Levkoff’s formal dresses for the perfect look for your event.


1. Borrowed by Design

Borrowed By Design

But where can you find every designer in this list for a great discount? Look no further than BBD! Every photo listed here can be found on our website, plus hundreds of other options. No matter what designer you pick or what dress you put on, BBD will make sure your look turns heads wherever you go for a fraction of the price. Your closet--and your wallet--will thank you!

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