#RunwayForAll Celebrates Diversity in Fashion

#RunwayForAll - Celebrating Diversity in Fashion

Instagram is celebrating diversity in the fashion industry with its new hashtag, #RunwayForAll, which features models of different backgrounds telling their stories about representation on the runway. Every day for a week, Instagram highlighted one model’s story.


@caxmee for #RunwayForAll

Photo Credit: Instagram

The first model featured, Mama Cax (@caxmee), discussed not aspiring to be a model at first due to not seeing darker-skinned models or knowing much about the fashion industry. Now, Mama Cax wants to show other aspiring models that “beauty does not always wear a size zero and beauty does not always walk on two limbs.”

Other models featured include Londone Myers (@londonemyers) and Jillian Mercado (@jilly_peppa), who are also working to increase diversity in the fashion industry and celebrate uniqueness of individual models.


Model Alliance Global Instagram

Photo Credit: Model Alliance Global Instagram


Within a week, #RunwayForAll has racked up almost a thousand posts, with models from all over the world contributing their stories and widening the standard of what ‘beauty’ really is. We at Borrowed By Design believe that beauty has neither an exact size nor body type, and encourage all of you to celebrate what makes you unique!

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  • Jennifer

    Absolutely love this! Every woman is unique and beautiful.

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