Prom Dresses by the Decade

Ever wonder what your mom and grandma wore to prom? Prom dress styles may have changed throughout the years, but one thing has always been constant: when you wear one that fits more than just your size, you’ll have a night to remember! Check out the changing prom styles throughout the years:



1920s Art Deco Prom Dress

Photo Credit: ABC News


Drop waists and art deco were the bee’s knees in the Roaring 20s. While the earliest mention of a high school prom (that we could find!) was in the 1890s, it wasn’t until the 1920s and 1930s and prom became the huge year-end event it is now. 




Photo Credit: AliExpress


As demonstrated by the classic icon Grace Kelly, 1950s prom dresses had narrow waists and flouncing skirts. This shape created a lovely, graceful silhouette and your grandmother probably looked fabulous!



1980s Prom Style

Photo Credit: Dr. Jay’s 


The 1980s can be summed up in one phrase: the bigger, the better! Bigger hair and bigger prom dresses were the mark of the 80s, and you can bet your mom wore a shiny, colored dress with a huge perm and even bigger smile. 



2016 Prom Dress Trend

Photo Credit: Flickr


Celebrate your own style! In this day and age, you can wear a throwback vintage dress, an asymmetrical hemline, a classic look, or a short, modern dress. Anything goes! But, if you want to look fabulous on a budget, check out the amazing prom dresses over at to find the dress that will look good no matter the decade.

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