Formal Natural Up-Dos

Prom and homecoming season wouldn't be complete without the perfect hair-do. And of course the perfect hair-do must be complimented by the right products. Often times it can be challenging to find the right products for natural hair. Cue Moisture Love. This all natural hair care line was created by Jeannell Darden, a fellow WEI member. One of our summer interns, A'Shiah, had the joy of meeting with and testing out Jeannell's natural hair products and here is what she has to say:

Meet Jeannell Darden: entrepreneur, mother, oldest of four kids, naturalista, and wife. Being the child of a cosmetologist, Jeanell has always had a passion for hair and beauty. Focusing completely on school, Jeannell had little time for an actual job during grade school. She quotes that through out grade school and college, doing hair was her hustle. It was in her senior year of high school that Jeannell decided to go completely natural after having a bad run in with color and relaxer in 2005. Ever since, Jeannell commented that she has not been able to find genuine products for natural hair. With inspiration from Madam CJ Walker and other African-American entrepreneurs, Jeannell set out on a mission to create her own line of natural hair products and CocoCurls was born; now called Moisture Love.

Our intern, A'Shiah, said that she too struggled with finding products for her natural hair. After being inspired by both Jeannell and her line of moisture infused products, A'Shiah decided to review the Moisture Love line as well as incorporate them with formal up-dos. Here are A'Shiah's looks and step by step directions for each up-do.

Moisture Love Product Collection

Moisture Love Products

 Pompadour High Bun

A'Shiah Hair 1Step 1: Part hair in 2 sections horizontally across the front of your head. They should not be even. The first section should be close to the forehead going across your head with about a ½ inch width.
Step 2: Gather back section of hair into a high bun. Smooth down the edges.
Step 3:  Use the Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream to moisturize both sections when damp.
Step 4: Smooth down edges in front side of head for a polished look.
Step 5: Roll your hair onto your finger going up.
Step 6: Pin hair where necessary to create the pompadour.

Twisted Crown Halo Bun

A'Shiah Hair 2Step 1: Part front  section closest to forehead going across. Leave enough hair for a twist.
Step 2: Moisture each section with the Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream.
Step 3: Smooth going around edges.   
Step 4: Flat twist hair in section going across 

Folded Pin Up-Do

A'Shiah Hair 3This style is a little complex, so if you need a visual I have linked a tutorial from Brittany Kyss available HEREUse the Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream to pre moisturize the hair. When finished take the Goodnight Kiss Finishing Spritz and spray to give extra shine. 


Elegant Pulled Back Style

A'Shiah Hair 4Step 1: Braid/ Twist/ or Flexi Rod your hair the night before to enhance your curls using the Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream and a gel of your choice. I like Devacurl Style Gel or Ecostyler.
Step 2: Take hair down and smooth hair using the gel going back. I use a broken elastic headband.
Step 3: Style/Accessorize hair how you prefer. I used a beaded tulle flower headband.

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