Helping Girls be Strong, Smart, and Bold One Dress at a Time

Sometimes, it’s really hard to be a girl. You’re not always sure how to navigate growing up and all that tags along with it--careers, goals, self-esteem, success. It can be difficult figuring out these things for yourself, especially when you are not sure to begin.

Thankfully, community organizations such as Girls Inc of Greater Atlanta work with local girls to help with goal setting, career planning, working with professionals, and developing skills. Girls Inc offers local programs such as Girls Inc University, a summer program where girls can learn about a college major and experience new career opportunities, and Girls Inc Outreach, which partners with schools and nonprofit organizations to provide girls with other programs. You can even sponsor or volunteer for their programs and help the next generation of Atlanta women developing professional skills for their future careers.

Girls Inc visits a local school

It is so important to us at Borrowed by Design to support local girls and give back to the community, which is why we run events like the All Dolled Up Dress Drive and list dresses owned by Girls Inc on our site where, for every rental or purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes directly back to Girls Inc as a donation.

You can help the next generation of girls one dress at a time, too! Every time you rent or buy a dress owned by Girls Inc, you help support a scholarship, program, or sponsorship for a local girl. You can also donate your gently-used formal dresses to our upcoming dress drive--we store, clean, and handle all dresses owned by Girls Inc and list them out on our site.

Look fab while you support local girls!

So whether you’ve got an old dress or you’re looking for a new one, you can support local girls and take part in shaping a future where Atlanta girls are Strong, Smart, and Bold!

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