Women Who Rock: Victoria of Bam Pow Life

For the first post in our "Women Who Rock" series, we sat down with Victoria Welsby, curator of Bam Pow Life. Victoria is originally from the United Kingdom, but moved to Vancouver, Canada at twenty-five. Her goal is to "empower women across the world to become their true badass selves." Through her online workshops such as Confidence Warrior, Victoria inspires body confidence, personal positivity, and overall empowerment. We asked Victoria about herself and her business and are excited to share her story and advice with our BBD readers.


BBD: Describe yourself in five words.

Victoria: Resilient, bad ass, potty mouth, persistent, passionate, and flexible.

BBD: What inspired you to launch Confidence Warrior? At what moment did it hit you? 

Victoria: There wasn't really a specific moment. When I was in recruitment, I’d see women who thought, “I don’t think I’m good enough,” and men thought they were the best. Women thought they were less than they are. I was inspired by my own personal journey through wanting to be thinner, more beautiful, better-looking in some way and also the realization that I’m the bom.com right now. I wanted other women to feel that! I don't want women wishing they could change their bodies. The way you are right now is amazing.

BBD: What was it like to quit your day job and move to Bam Pow Life full-time?

Victoria: Scary!! It was scary, but also really exciting. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to hustle. I’m doing my dream job! It almost seems unbelievable.   

BBD: How did you get so many followers? Word of Mouth?

Victoria: I've just been collecting followers along the way. People are attracted because my posts are vulnerable and controversial. The whole, “hey, I’m fat and good looking,” mindset is a novel idea. So many women feel bad about themselves when they don’t need to, so it resonates with many. 

BBD: Where do you see your workshops going in the future? Do you ever do in-person workshops? What’s your ultimate goal for Confidence Warrior?

Victoria: There are some in-person workshops coming up. However, I like to limit in-person stuff because it limits the amount of people that can attend. My business plan is online where people from around the world can come. As for Confidence Warrior, it's just one product. I offer other e-courses and want to develop more products to meet women exactly where they are. I just want the whole world to feel awesome.


We were inspired by our interview with Victoria, and we know that you'll be inspired by just one visit to her site. Learn more about Victoria and Bam Pow Life at www.bampowlife.com, and visit her on Facebook and Instagram.

// all photos courtesy of Bam Pow Life.


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