5 Affordable Places to Travel this Summer

Now that graduation has come and gone, summer is on everyone's mind! Each year more and more people turn to traveling during their off months, or at least they would like to. It seems as though traveling is always put on the back burner until you can save up hundreds and hundreds of dollars to afford it all. However checking out your favorite countries and cities doesn't have to break the break. Cheap travel is becoming the new face of sight seeing.

5. Greece

Santorini Greece (Thira)

Looking for the perfect mixture of culture, history and the arts? Greece is the place to be, affordably. Known for having some of the most walkable port cities, most cities in Greece can offer you everything you wanna see within a couple of miles walking. There are also several very nice and well known scenic bar strips to enjoy. If planned and done correctly, with accommodations, food and more, you can enjoy Greece for under $90 a day.

4. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Beach Vacation

If you are looking for an affordable Caribbean getaway, the Dominican is your best bet, if you do it right. There are a number of cheap hotels within walking distance to local attractions such as shopping malls and the beach, of course! Eating local will also keep that travel bill pretty low. If done correctly, accommodations, food and all can run you about $60 a day.

3. Mexico

Mexico Vacation

Nothing says margaritas like Mexico! An easily affordable travel destination is the often overlooked, Mexico. Part of the reason Mexico is so cheap, is the currency exchange, but for us it means budget travel. For a pretty decent 3+ star hotel, 3 local meals and even some fun and entertainment, you can get away with spending only around $50 bucks a day.

2. South Africa

South Africa Vacation

The amazing part about South Africa is that it offers multiple destinations in one. Just miles apart you can visit the beach, go on a hike or have an African safari complete with white rhinos and all without paying astronomical prices. Food and accommodations will only run you about $35 a day leaving plenty of spending money for the adventure of a lifetime!

1. Thailand

Thailand Vacation

Though the flight might be a little scary, once you're in Thailand, a little chunk of money will last you for weeks. Anything from luxury hotels to marvelous water views will easily be at your disposal. And don't forget the elephants! Whether you are traveling from city to city and decide to have all the fun in one place, your visit to Thailand will only come in around $30 a day.

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