Be a Bridal Shower Babe

Summers always seem to be chalk full of bridal shower after bridal shower. And we all know the guests don’t always vary that much from party to party. Here are some helpful fashion tips to help you get through the season looking flawless.


Shoot for sweet and elegant over hip and tough. 

This is probably the number one rule - Stick to cheerful colors that brighten one’s mood. Ruffles, lace and chiffon will give you a lovely look. Or, go for a trendier vibe by picking out a look  in the form of an A-line skirt, flowy pants or maxi dress.

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Don’t forget to accessorize.

Floppy hats are the latest go-to. Spice up a simple dress with a patterned clutch or bright kitten heels. And of course, jewelry is the best way to add your own personality and taste to your attire.



Stick to summer color schemes.

Avoid anything dark and harsh, and instead shoot for all things summery. There are endless options of pastels and florals, and even light wash denim has become a summer trend.


The best part about finding a new perfect outfit for your latest bridal shower on the calendar, is that most often you can re-wear it again for another occasion. Use accessorizing to your advantage by adding a new spin on each outfit. Wear a new version to the next baby shower, summer barbeque, or even the next date night! Check out some day-time options now on BBD!

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