Sizzling Summer Trends

Summer Trends

Summer is here! Finally, right?! With the warm weather comes longer nights and {sometimes} shorter hem lines. Summer is the best season to shop for, let’s be real. The clothes are more colorful, and we can’t say prints enough! Fortunately for all the fashionistas, there are as many great dresses this summer as there are great pool days with your girls! Sometimes there are so many good trends, that you just have to highlight the best ones. Without further adieu, here’s your summer style staples!


Slip Dresses

            We don’t think that we have to explain why this trend is so great. The dresses are so light that you’re always comfortable, and they’re so simply stylish, that they require minimal effort. Remember, silk is sleek, and just enough to make a statement when you go out.


Exaggerated Sleeve Tops

            We can’t get enough of this trend! The sleeves make such a statement that the rest of your shirt or dress can be so minimalistic and you’ll still be one of the best dressed girls wherever you’re at. The trend makes you just flower child enough to go to a festival, but stylish enough to strut around anywhere this summer.


Off the Shoulder Everything

            Again, we just love this so much. Give your style the cold shoulder {but only in the best way}. It’s so hot out, why not cool off with an equally hot trend. You can rock it with a romper, dress, or blouse.


Gladiator Sandals

            As far as we’re concerned, it’s sandy feet or gladiator calves this summer. Think about it ladies, you own the room when your best foot forward is literally named after armor. Our new favorite shoes look good with every dress and make the leg it’s on look awesome too!

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