How to Style Your Graduation Look

With college graduation just a mere 3-4 weeks away and high school only a few weeks after that, everyone is on the hunt for that perfect graduation outfit. Whether it's your outstanding day or you're attending in honor of another, we've got the style guide to set you straight.

The Dress

White Graduation Dress
White Graduation Dress via

There are two directions you can go when choosing a graduation dress. The most popular would be a dress of your school colors; red, black or white for example if you were graduating from the University of Georgia. However another fun trend lately has been to wear a dress that really shows your personality. We are a fan of both!


Black Wedge
Black Wedge via

The absolute best option for shoes during your graduation ceremony is something comfortable. We suggest either flats or chunky wedges. Not only will they compliment your dress, but your feet won't be killing you at the end of the night. Stilettos, however are a graduation no no! Not only might you risk falling, but if you have a field graduation, they most likely won't be allowed anyway.


Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace via

We suggest to keep your accessories simple. Graduation is the perfect time to break out your pearl necklace and earrings. If you have a dress with a high neckline, a pair of stylish studs will also complete your look.

Cap & Gown

Graduation Cap
Graduation Cap via

Of course you can't forget your cap and gown for graduation! Even though you are usually required to purchase your cap and gown through the school, this doesn't mean it has to lack personality. A huge trend, especially with college graduations, is to decorate your cap. Plus then your family can easily pick you out in a sea full of graduates.

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