Top Five Spring Events to Dress for!

Spring is finally here! With it may come lots of pollen and rain, but also some really great times. Spring is chalk full of some of the best events of the year and we know that the trends alter and shift as the seasons do. To give you a bit of inspiration and some insight into the latest trends, here are the top five spring events to dress for this spring! Click on the hyperlinks to see great finds listed on BBD!


Be a Wedding Guest:

It’s no secret that spring weddings make for some of the best memories of the year. There’s just something about having an excuse to dress up, reconnecting with old friends, and dancing the night away at the reception that makes weddings truly unforgettable. Despite the pleasure of attending, it can be a pain to find the right dress for the occasion. Although following the latest fashion-forward trend is exciting and fresh, a more timeless dress is actually better for these affairs: Check out this Sky Blue Beauty below, currently listed on Borrowed by Design. There is no shame in recycling a dress, as long as you’re able to spunk it up with the proper accessories. Too short and too flashy are strict no-no’s, shoot for Classy & Sleek instead. You will never regret a classic classic LBD, a subtle floral or a simple pastel.

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Kentucky Derby:

The Kentucky Derby is fast approaching, and every girl hopes for the opportunity to experience it one day. Whether it’s the real Kentucky Derby or just a Kentucky Derby themed party, the Derby trends don’t change too much from year to year. This is every woman’s chance to show off her inner southern belle. There is no question, the main event is a boldly ornate hat, so selecting a simpler dress with smaller detailing, would aid in not diverting any attention away. The classic tea dress seems to be everyone’s go-to year after year.Since the hat is the focal point of every woman’s attire, shoes, jewelry and bags should be understated as well. But if your hat is more on the modest side, find a more exciting dress, with lots of colors or flowers.

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Spring Formal & Prom:

If you are in college, you surely have been eagerly awaiting your formal! And if you are in high school, prom planning is certainly in the works. These two have trends that more or less coincide, with slight variations. Two-piece dresses have been all the rave this year. But strapless, sweetheart dresses will never get old. Depending on the statement you hope to make, choose the amount of jewels and glitter accordingly. Prom, going all out is recommended. Formal, sticking to muted bedazzle is the way to go!

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Bridal Showers:

Bridal showers are also a part of the spring excitement. These parties certainly add up though, so having the perfect stash of dresses will come in handy. This is when you can truly put your own style to work and try out all the latest spring trends. You can’t go wrong with a simple sun dresses and wedges. But Jungle prints, flirty floral, lace, and even ruffles are all attractive options. And of course pastels will always brighten your mood and bring out some colors in your complexion.

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We hope you fully enjoy every spring event you attend this year, and that these tips help you truly dress to impress! Don't forget to check out all of the new listings on BBD this Spring!

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