Spring Break Essentials


Spring Break is among us and we're listing out all of the most important essentials to bring with you on your fun get-away! Whether it's something fun to wear in the sun or necessities such as sunglass glasses and sunscreen, we're covering it all.


#1 The Perfect Sundress - A perfect sundress can be the ultimate spring break essential. Whether you wear it for a night out, around the house or even as a swim suit cover up, it can serve many purposes during the week.

Pink Sun Dress
Pink Sun Dress - Find Similar Dresses at BorrowedbyDesign.com

#2 Black Bathing Suit - A black bathing suit is a staple in your swim suit closet. Not only is black super flattering, but the top and bottoms can also be versatile and mixed and matched with other colored or patterned pieces.


Black Bathing Suit
Black Bathing Suit via Target.com


#3 An Extra Pair of Cheap Shades - Sunglasses are must for anywhere you go. Even though flaunting your favorite pair is nice, sometime it's easier to grab cute cheap ones when going out of town where they might be lost or broken.


Sunglasses via Forever21.com


#4 Beach Bag or Insulated Cooler - A roomy beach bag is a must and often times an insulated cooler can double as one. Water and drinks on the inside and large pockets on the outside for your phone, keys and some extra cash.


Fun Beach Bag
Beach Bag via LillyPulitzer.com


#5 Comfortable Shoes - Whether you're a flip flop or sport sandal type of gal, good shoes are a need! Some cheap flip flops can serve as something cute to wear around the house or down to the water. But if you're more into exploring, we suggest some nice sport sandals.


Sport Sandals
Sport Sandals via Teva.com


#6 Sunscreen and Lip Balm - Perhaps the most important two things to have everyday on your spring vacay is sunscreen and protective lip balm. No one wants to end the week with a nasty sunburn, so make sure you start yours off right by protecting your skin!

Sunscreen Star
Sunscreen Reviews via K1017FM.com

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