Summer Fun with Your Friends


Summer has almost sprung, so that means that we can start planning how we spend our weekends. In each city there are relatively the same things to do, but each with its own bit of variation. So, grab your girlfriends, because we’ve come up with the top things to do this summer.


  1. Be a tourist in your own city – Have you or your friends ever visited your city’s attractions? Take a day and appreciate the Zoo/aquarium/museum/amusement Park or all of the above. Chances are, there’s probably a pass so you can do all of them in a weekend.
  2. Festival Friends – This is one of our favorites because you can find a festival for almost anything, at least food or music related. If you’ve never explored the fun neighborhoods in your city, do it; there’s good food and fun hangouts. Check out these areas and any large parks and you’re guaranteed to find something great.
  3. Movies in the Park – We’ve all seen that part in The Wedding Planner where they’re sitting in the park, watching the old movie, and only eating the brown M&Ms. Now sub out Matthew McConaughey for your own friends and the M&Ms for pizza, and you have a really cool take on movie night.
  4. Cardio Queens – Cardio and working out isn’t fun, typically; but it can be when the class is outside or the mountain you’re climbing lets you see your city when you reach the top. If you’re going to workout anyway, get out and see your city.
  5. Escape Plan – One of the coolest things you can do is play in an escape scenario. Seriously, just trust us on this one. You and your friends are in a room, and you have to fund the clues and complete the puzzles to find your way out. You’re timed though, so go fast.


No matter what city you’re in, there’s more for you to do than you’ve ever imagined. Go out and be a tourist, and when you’re done, go explore some place else. Do yourself a favor; listen to your wanderlust.

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