Prom 2016 Trends According to BBD

Borrowed by Design with Seventeen Magazine EditorBack in August, the Borrowed by Design team went to AmericasMart for all things prom. We were able to listen to Linda Korman, Seventeen Magazine’s prom edition media director talk about this season’s latest trends. She began by highlighting prom trends over the years, and ended with this season’s top styles to be on the lookout for. We’ve taken everything Ms. Linda Korman shared and compiled it into a comprehensive guide to 2016 prom. 
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Style pick #1: Trumpet Style


While flattering for all figures, the trumpet styled dress is perfect for a glamorous look without being too revealing. Be the center of attention in a sophisticated and stylish trumpet style gown this prom season.


Style pick #2: Cap Sleeves

Although they may seem like small details, cap sleeves can really add to a dress. Cap sleeves work with almost any material and create a lovely feel.


Style pick #3: Asymmetrical Features

Perhaps one of the most unique trends this season, is an asymmetrical prom dress. Whether it involves cutouts or intricate beading, prom dress designers are focusing on creating bold and flattering dresses for all. Get out of your shell this season with an asymmetrical prom dress.


Style pick #4: Two Pieces

Although this trend began last year, we expect to see a continuation of it. With some two piece dresses more revealing than others, a two piece dress can create a beautiful look. Some dresses feature beaded tops while others are more plain. For those less interested in showing part of your stomach, they now make mock two piece dresses that deliver the same feel with less skin showing. 


Style pick #5: Revealing Back

Lately, dresses have been styled with a cut out in the back to allow girls to show skin without being too revealing. This is a great way to highlight your favorite features while staying appropriate for a high school function.


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