Our Favorite Winter Trends for 2016

Although it's been quite warm in Atlanta the last few weeks, we're still excited to try some of these winter fashion trends when the temperatures start to drop. Here are a few of our favorite cold weather looks.

Dress it up with Velvet

Photo Credit: chictopia.com

This season, velvet is all the rage. Luckily for us, this trend is both fashionable and comfortable. Velvet is easy to dress up or down and is the perfect way to add texture to your outfit. Velvet is gorgeous in every form- dresses, tops, pants, blazers. We also suggest trying it in different colors, but our favorite color this season is burgundy.

Go Faux - Suede

Photo Credit: fashionjackson.com

Faux Suede has also been a hot topic this season. This is one that you can be creative and fun with. Suede skirts and vests have been seen in all of the top stores, some with fringe, some with buttons. This definitely ties into the Boho-Chic look if that's your style.

Go Faux Part 2 - Fur

Photo Credit: chictopia.com

Get excited about mixing a little fur into your wardrobe this season; faux fur of course! The best fur addition is a vest, which can really take your look to the next level. Great for warmth and style, this fashion trend might not hang around next winter season, so grab one while you can.

We <3 Piko

Photo Credit: shopofftheracks.com

Lastly, the ultimate trend of comfort and style is the Piko top. You won’t need to scour around for this look. Piko tops seem to line the walls of every boutique this year. They come in various sleeve-lengths and even in flowy dresses. Trust us, it feels like you’re wearing pajamas. These are definitely on the simpler side, which is why they are perfect to layer with any of the three trends mentioned before, or just a scarf or necklace! They come in nearly every color and will look complete with booties, riding boots or even converse.

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