The 20 Struggles of Dress Shopping

1. Arriving at your favorite dress store, just to realize they are closed for “scheduled maintenance”.

Are you serious?

2. Entering your 2nd choice store and being bombarded by salespeople as soon as you walk through the door.


3. But then not being able to find a salesperson when you actually need one.


4. Browsing the store for what seems like hours not seeing anything you like.


5. Finally finding a dress you LOVE on the rack and then realizing everyone you’re with hates it.


6. Finding a different dress you LOVE and seeing every size on the rack except yours.


7. Finding THE dress but it just so happens to be out of your price range. Who cares! But let’s just try it on anyway.


8. Once you’ve spent hours (okay, minutes) picking out all of your possible dresses, you are forced to wait in the biggest line you’ve ever seen for a fitting room.


9. Or, awkwardly standing beside the fitting room, obviously holding a mountain of dresses, waiting to make eye contact with a salesperson to let you in the dressing room.


10. Oh there’s a 6 dress limit? No problem, I’ll just hang the other 23 dresses on the outside of my door.


11. Then once you’re finally in the fitting room and you realize 2/3 of the dresses you picked out actually are hideous.


12. Building up the confidence to walk outside in a potential dress and show your friends.


13. Everyone loved it! Just like you knew they would, but let’s try on 10 more dresses just in case that one wasn’t perfect.


14. Realizing the door locked after you when you last came out and having to crawl underneath to get back in.


15. Once back in, you begin to contemplate life as you realize you’re almost out of dresses to try on and still haven’t found the one.


16. And all of the sudden! The time has finally come! And you have found your perfect dress!


17. But it just so happens to be the one dress totally out of your price range.


18. As you’re in line, you begin the 20-minute debate between yourself and your wallet as to whether or not you actually need the dress.


19. But of course you! And besides, you only shed a few tears while handing the cashier your debit card.


20. But then once you’re finally home with your newest purchase, you spot something in your closet. Ya know that dress you picked up last month? It looks just like the one you just bought, which you already took the tags off it.


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