We’re not ready to say goodbye to these summer trends

Everyone knows that with the changing of the leaves comes a necessary change in your wardrobe. Many cannot wait to trade in the jean shorts and sandals for comfy sweaters, scarves and trusty boots. But there are also some things that we struggle to let go of each year. These are the most fashion forward trends of the summer that remain in the forefront of our closets just a bit too long, before you finally give in and tuck them away for next season. So, lets take a look at our favorite styles of the summer, and the possible replacements for the fall, to avoid any fashion depression.


Flowy Shorts Photo Credit: TheHunt.com
Flowy Pants Photo Credit: NewStyle360.com

Flowy Shorts: Replace with Flowy Pants

This year, I am not excited to say goodbye to my multitude of flowy shorts. They came in style not too long ago, and I’m hoping they never go out of fashion. Similar to wearing pajamas, flowy shorts have to be one of the most comfortable articles of clothing out there. Throw them on with a simple, nice t-shirt to really spruce up your look. They come in every color, pattern, and style and are perfect for a night in with the BF to a shopping trip with the girls.

I’m sure we are all sad to tuck these away, but not to worry- Luckily, flowy pants are in style too! I was skeptical at first, due to the bell-bottom styled, stretchy pants, reminding me entirely too much of “That 70’s Show”. I am sold now. They are the nicer and trendier version of yoga pants- and lets be honest- we all secretly never want to take our yoga gear off. Just like the shorts, they come in every style possible- cinching at the bottom, straight leg, flare. They are so much more comfortable than jeans and the options are endless.



Sandal Photo Credit: aliexpress.com
Midi Photo Credit: Vogue

Platform Sandal: Replace with the "Midi"

Another surprising trend that made its way back in, is the platform sandal. These definitely worked their way around Europe first and then started popping up everywhere in the US. These sandals are not only fun and new, but they also manage to be comfortable! I’m convinced many will be sad to store these sandals, which we have only gotten to wear for a few months now.

The only comfort is that fall has a lot to offer in the footwear department as well. Vogue says this year’s “Must-have boot for Fall” is the “Midi”. Vogue claims that the Midi will coordinate with just about any fall attire, including fall’s flared hems and midi-skirts. These shoes are now the best new look.


Gladiator Sandals Photo Credit: flickr.com
Flare Jeans Photo Credit: mystiquejeans.com

Bohemian: Replace with 70's

Finally, I was feeling concerned about exiling the “Hippy Deluxe” trends that have been in full-force this summer from my wardrobe. It seemed we all adored the suede, peasant tops and high-legged gladiator sandals. According to Glamour, It looks like this fall the “Luxury Bohemian trend” is altering into more of a “70’s vibe”. This means lots of flared jeans, knit sweaters and statement earrings. It may take me some time to fully initiate this trend, but this look seems just as exciting and fun as the summer looks.

Although there are some trends we’d rather not have to say goodbye to for the time being, there's always a new trend to try in the fashion world. Instead of being sullen about the summer attire pushed to the back of our closets, let's get excited about what's to come.

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