Game Day Do’s and Don’ts


It’s getting to be that time of the year again and we all know and love it. It’s about time to pull out those red and black dresses, stick on those facial tattoos, and scout out the best tailgating spots. Football season is back!

Whether you’re the girl who has an entire section in her closet devoted to Georgia game-day dresses or you’d rather simply toss on your fav jersey and cowboy boots, there are still some helpful do’s and don’ts to game day attire.

First, toss your high heels back into your closet and stick to your trusty flats. Heels typically seem like a great idea- they make your legs look great and they give you a sense of confidence. But you will thank yourself the next morning, or even just an hour into the game when your feet aren’t screaming in agony. You no doubt will be jumping up and down, cheering like a mad man, during this season’s games and that is just not well-suited behavior with wedges or heels. And everyone knows the girl who can’t help but resort to ditching her shoes under the stadium seats will no doubt receive a few disapproving glances.

I’m sure you remember the blazing sun during those first few games of the season, and with this comes the recommendation of choosing to rock the up-do. This helps to avoid having your curly tendrils, which you took way to long to perfect, stick to the sides of your face. And stray away from the straightened- fro look by sticking to a high pony or twisty bun. Side french braids or fish tails take little to no effort and look cute even a little messy. Pictures of your great memories will turn out a whole lot better with one of these looks.

Lastly, avoid the ultra-tight fit dresses. Sweat stains don’t look attractive on anyone, so with a looser fit you and can avoid the disheveled look. You’re also bound to stand, sit, repeat, and a tight dress is not the most practical attire. Also avoiding the skin tight fabrics allow you to eat and drink however much you want with not a care in the world, and we all know those tailgate hotdogs are impossible to resist.

So now you have some basic tips to make game-days the best they can be. Look back on the Football season with some quality pictures and fantastic memories!

- Ashleigh Nicoletti, UGA Campus Intern

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