2015 Sorority Recruitment Fashion Trends


Sorority Recruitment Fashion Trends


Sorority recruitment is just around the corner for many college women. Although some schools choose to host recruitment in the spring, many kick off the school year with recruitment. As my own sorority prepares to welcome around sixty new women this week, I’m taking a moment to reflect on my experiences (mainly fashion-related) during recruitment and to offer advice to potential new members.

The slang term for formal sorority recruitment is rush. It definitely is a “rushed” means of getting to know multiple girls in each sorority on campus in order to make a decision about where would be a best fit. Each sorority house holds multiple “parties” in a day, and potential members rotate through each house, with reduced house visits each day. By the end, hopefully everything has worked out as planned and the potential new member and sorority are both happy.

At my school, the Greek sector is pretty small, with only about twenty five percent of campus being involved in a Greek organization. We only have seven sororities and about 500 girls going through recruitment this year. I realize that all schools run recruitment differently, but I’ve put together a Polyvore set with ideas for each day of recruitment. Ours lasts four days, with each day’s outfit getting fancier and fancier. Some schools give rushees t-shirts to wear on certain days or other guidelines such as how fancy outfits should be. By all means, take those into consideration, but hopefully these can bring some inspiration to recruitment fashion, no matter the school.

In addition I’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind when putting outfits together.


First off, don’t be afraid of bold, bright colors! For most women going through recruitment, it’s summertime and bright colors are in full swing. Everyone has that one color that makes their eyes pop, or accentuates their hair color, or that they just simply feel great in. Go for those!


Less is more in the jewelry department. Wear jewelry that accentuates your outfits and that doesn’t call attention away from the conversations taking place. Pearls are always a classic, along with statement necklaces with simple dresses or skirt/shirt combos.


As mentioned before, different schools have different outfit recommendations. If you’re plannig on wearing a dress, be sure to plan ahead and get the proper undergarments. Wearing a see-through dress or having bra straps show is probably not the best idea, so take a trip to the store and stock up on the proper undergarments. Loud, over-the-top prints and textures are great for music festivals and date nights, but in this case it’s probably best to not draw attention to those type things.


Some schools may have girls wear shorts and t-shirts or skirt/blouse combos throughout recruitment. My best advice is to have fun with these! T-shirts can be spiced up with printed shorts, and there are really unlimited options with skirt/blouse combos. Be sure everything matches, and then go for it.


Depending on the school, a rushee could be facing a couple miles of walking each day, especially on the first day when all the houses are visited. Wear shoes that are already broken in and that are comfortable. If the outfit is dressy enough for heels but they aren’t comfy, try wedges. Be considerate of the amount of walking and standing that will be taking place throughout each day.

Grooming [hair + nails + perfume]

It’s hard to give only a couple tips for hair. Everyone has a different hair texture, humidity level in the air, and styling accessories. I say to go with classic styles. Again, it’s not best to draw attention to specific things such as hair, but it is necessary to take the time to style it. If a rushee plans to try something new, I say do it far in advance than one of the mornings of recruitment. As for nails, less is more. You’ll be shaking a lot of hands so maybe a manicure with light pink or nude polish would be pleasant. Nails should match all outfits and not be distracting. Lastly, avoid perfume. I’m sure it smells great on a normal day, but when you have dozens and dozens of girls in small areas it’s best to not have a scent that may clash with the others around.

At the end of the day, it’s the conversations and feelings that mean the most. Every girl should wear what she feels comfortable and beautiful in. An outfit is a means to show personality and put the best image forward.


- Lucy, Social Media & Marketing intern / Georgia Tech campus rep

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