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BBD_Poshglam_EditorialArticle_Sept 2014
We have two super huge announcements to make: Announcement #1 - We are thrilled to be featured on POSHGLAM, a site dedicated to promoting artistic expression through fashion and the arts. Check out the full article here. We love teaming up with intelligent, business-savvy women like Kimberly Stone, founder of POSHGLAM, and we are honored to have a spot on her site.
Announcement #2 - What could be even more exciting than a feature article on POSHGLAM, you ask? How about the fact that we're now accepting dresses to the closet, which will house all of the dresses that are available to borrow!? I know, I told you it was exciting.
So what exactly do we mean when we say we're "accepting dresses" to the closet? Basically, we're asking all of our friends, family, followers, and fans to head on over to our website and fill out a brief form with details about your dress such as price to borrow, size, designer, etc. Since we are still in the beta phase of the site, we will be uploading all of the dresses that are sent in into one giant, searchable closet (don't worry, personal closets are on the roadmap in the near future).
Once we have 200 dresses in the closet, we'll open it up to allow the rental process to begin. That's why we're reaching out to you to help us grow our site and make Borrowed by Design the go-to place for formal and semi-formal wear rental.

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