3 Reasons Why Coordinates Bracelet Is The One You Need

Connected watches, video surveillance systems, and even fork or watering system. The connected objects are resolutely in tune with the times. The world of health and well-being is at the heart of this new trend. To help us stay in shape and move more, bracelets have been introduced in the markets that capture the user’s activity like number of steps, calories burned, etc and send the data to his smart phone. Not only that, this bracelet effectively matches outfits you have in mind. Here’s what to know before choosing yours.

What Is The Purpose Of A Connected Bracelet?

To keep fit. The coordinates bracelets counts your daily steps, the distance traveled, the calories burned. He congratulates you when your daily goal is achieved and encourages you if he is not yet. Some monitor your sleep, sleep time, motion detection. Others integrate a heart rate monitor to take your pulse. The most advanced can also control a music player and display the notifications of your smart phone, receiving a call, a message and appointment.

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Several models have a more or less accentuated community dimension. The user can share his performances on social networks. It is also possible, for example, to launch challenges for his friends, even to meet up for a running outing and the rain cannot be used as an excuse. These bracelets are announced as waterproof.

Connected Watch, Connected Bracelet: What’s The Difference?

A connected watch is more like an extension of the smart phone than an activity sensor. Rest assured, both give the time but the watch is intended to alert you if notifying on your smart phone, while the bracelet is primarily a sensor activity, less evolved. That said, the boundaries between the two devices are sometimes blurred. Highly developed bracelets display messages received on his phone, and several watches can also count your steps.

Can The Bracelet Replace A Sports Watch?

No, connected wristbands will please casual sportsmen, but will not be enough for athletes who want to measure their performance accurately. The wristbands do not give the running speed, or the advanced parameters like the VO 2 max, dear to the runners. They do not integrate a GPS chip to restore your track in running or hiking. they are waterproof, but not competent to count your pool lengths.

How It Works?


The connected wristbands all incorporate an accelerometer. It is this essential sensor that counts steps by relying on the user’s movements. Some models also include a heart rate monitor, or even an altimeter or a gyroscope.

Bluetooth 4.0

The wristband records your activity and then transmits the data to your smart phone via a Bluetooth wireless connection. They incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 or Low Energy which, unlike previous generations of the standard, does not consume a lot of energy. No worries about the autonomy of the smart phone, at least if it also includes Bluetooth 4.0. Otherwise, you will be able to synchronize the data of your bracelet directly on your computer by USB.

Mobile app

Each bracelet works in pairs with an application to install on your smart phone. It serves as an interface to consult its statistics, set objectives or access the various parameters. Attention, not all manufacturers have developed Android and its versions. it is sometimes one or the other. Few models are compatible with Windows Phone.

Web interface

The user can also consult his statistics on a dedicated website, which serves as a dashboard. Some models require the installation of small software on their computer. This is just one of the many bracelets connected to computers.

Are The Bracelets Reliable?

Activity is measured by the accelerometer tucked into the wristband. Technically, these sensors are in focus. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the algorithm of interpretation of movements detected, specific to each manufacturer. The bracelet should be able to tell the difference between walking and trampling, and count your steps even if your arm does not move if, for example, you carry a bag. A bracelet that the user can calibrate according to his stride will be a priori more reliable than a model that is based on a standard stride based on size. As for the count of calories burned, calculated most often on sex, height and weight, it is rather whimsical.

The laboratory tests enabled us to check, among other criteria like comfort, ease of use, etc., the precision of each bracelet, but also their ability to reproduce coherent measurements from one time to the next.

The Criteria of Choice

Some bracelets are equipped with a screen. It allows consulting his data without going through the smart phone. It’s convenient, but these bracelets are logically less discreet. On many models, the screen is even tactile, and backlit. The user gains in readability, but at the cost of power consumption which limits the autonomy of the bracelet.


Before buying a model, the ideal is to put it on your wrist. Even though most come with two bracelet sizes, it is important that the device be forgotten. If wearing it is a constraint, it will stay in your drawer.


Look carefully at the list of functions offered by the bracelets. The more they are, the more the price climbs.


Check that the bracelet is usable with your smart phone, i-Phone or Android. Bracelets are only compatible with fairly recent models able to handle Bluetooth 4.0.

Short Description

Regardless of their name connected bracelet, tracker, life assistant, sports coach, these products perform all the same functions and are all designed for the same use. They connect to your smart phone and are compatible with major operating systems. They work through an application that needs to be installed on your smart phone to use this connected bracelet. You can even share your results with your friends on different social networks. Connected bracelets are used to measure your physical activity, but also help you stay in shape. He is able to give you some valuable advice on the type of sleep to adopt even some dietary advice. By the way, this is commonly the kind of bracelet worn by celebrities. So what are you waiting for? Put on your corsets for modern exercise and be fit!